Major Brands Show Support of Social Causes in their Marketing Campaigns

A big rig wrap is designed to grab attention and remain in your audience’s memory. This is the most effective way to identify problems and bring them to the forefront. The opportunity to have individuals see, think and take action about a variety of social and environmental issues such as human trafficking, racism, and air pollution is important to raise public support and affect meaningful change.

As with commercial advertisements, a platform that shows just the facts is not enough. While facts are important, it is critical for an ad to appeal to the observer’s emotions in order to raise social awareness. Many studies have shown that feelings and emotions can have a powerful effect on memory formation, and that memories based on emotion have longer staying power.

What does your brand stand for? Show your support and spread your message to nearly ALL demographics with a BIG RIG WRAP.
Consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that take a stand on causes that align with their values. Companies have the power to make a difference and effect change.

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